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Gmail introduces 30 set of Themes

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Google on Wednesday released 30 set of themes for Gmail, offering consumers using its Web e-mail service a chance to personalize their messaging environment.

Gmail has been the focus of much attention from Google lately. Last week, Google added voice and video chat to Gmail. About three weeks ago, Gmail gained the ability to send and receive SMS messages, though Google temporarily withdrew that feature in order to fix a show-stopping bug.

Just last month, Google launched seven features for Gmail: Gmail Gadgets, emoticons for messages, Gmail for mobile version 2.0, Canned Responses, contact manager improvements, advanced IMAP controls, and Mail Goggles.

How to apply new Themes?

To apply a new theme, select the Settings link in Gmail and click on the Themes tab. Those who don’t have such a tab yet should see one in a few days, as the Gmail update propagates across Google’s servers.

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