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ModernTimes Icons

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moderntimes Icons

ModernTimes Icons | .Mac Icons | DMG format | 5 MB

Download link:

ModernTimes Icons

Icons Types included in this format:

.Mac, Audio-CD, Burn, Burning, CD-R, CD-RW, CD, Desktop & Dashboard (x2), Desktop, Developer, Digital Audio Workstation, Documents Folder, Dream Team, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, DVD-Video, DVD, Earth “Data Highway”, Favorites, Fax, Finder (graphite, tangerine), Finder, iChat, iMac Flower Power, iMovie, Info (aqua, lime, tangerine), Locked (gold, silver), Mac OS 9, Mac OS X (cheetah, server, jaguar, panther, tiger), Movie (x5), Movies Folder (x2), Music Video, Music Videos Folder, PDF Document, Pictures Folder, Pictures, Podcast Document, Podcast Folder (x2), Podcast, Preview Documents, Preview, Public Folder (x2), Public, Quicktime Documents, Quicktime, Smile (clown, ha ha, money maker, schreck, very happy, angel, happy, kiss, love, not sure, oh, sad, smile, sun glasses, very sad, zwincker), Super Audio CD, Text Edit Document (rtf, rtfd), Text Edit (x2), User Friendly, Video CD, Classic, Logo.

Please check the downloaded file for Copyrights,Usage Info and Notes from the original Author.

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