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SanDisk Launches 16GB MicroSD Card

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Take a look at the smallest 16GB you’ll ever see. SanDisk today acknowledged that they’re making teeny, tiny little 16GB MicroSDHC cards (for most cell phones) and M2 cards (for Sony Ericsson phones), which will ship in October. The MicroSD card will cost $99.99 and the M2 card will cost $129.99.

Most new phones support 16GB cards; a good rule of thumb is that if it supports 8GB, it supports 16GB (and it will support 32GB in the future.) So you can go over our reviews on and just look for recent phones with 8GB support.

Among other things, this adds a new twist to the whole “iPhone vs. T-Mobile G1” debate. The iPhone still comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities. With its MicroSD slot and SanDisk’s new card, the G1 can store 16GB, too.

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