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Sfondix (English Version)

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Sfondix is an symbian application that can set an image as wallpaper in your symbian mobile.

Sfondix can eliminate those gaps in your images as wallpaper; if you use ur default nokia to set the image as wallpaper, there are gaps or white edges between left or right.

While using SfondiX to set ur images as wallpaper, the whole wallpaper area will be covered with the image you use.

Enjoy and by the way, the installation file is included w/ some wallpapers and its automatically extracted into netbox folder where the drive u install SfondiX, e.g if you install the app in your memory card, there will be a Folder netbox in your mmc.

Some Commands dont work ( Like Random Background); maybe its the app itself that needs the updating.
Download link:

Sfondix (English Version) 

Please check the downloaded file for Copyrights,Usage Info and Notes from the original Author.

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