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Toshiba Plans to Commercialize Mini Projector

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Toshiba projector

In a first for any Japanese company, Toshiba has presented the prototype of a mini-projector that seems similar to the size of some media players. The current prototype that has a brightness of 7 lumens can project images up to 50 inches in width with a 480 x 320 HVGA resolution. Its optical module uses red, blue, and greed LED light source. The current playtime capacity of its built-in batteries is a bit disappointing at only one hour but it looks like Toshiba is planning to improve the projector’s specs (as it should) before the device even goes to mass production on either the first or second quarter of 2009.

From 50 inches (which isn’t bad in the first place), the image size is expected to increase to 60 inches. Luminance might also be increasing from 7lm to 10lm and the battery life from a measly one hour to a better (but still not good enough) two hours of playtime. According to Nikkei Electronics, the device is likely to use around 2 to 4 watts of power and would probably cost around $300 to $400. An even smaller USB sized projector (see pic after the jump) that’s meant to be connected to cell phones was presented along with the mini-projector, although there are no plans for its commercialization for now. Prior to this, 3M released the MPro110 and Aiptek, the PocketCinema V10 pocket projectors.

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